Media Production

I seek to leverage new interaction techniques, ubiquitous mobile technologies and situated interfaces to explore the future of media production and consumption. It is key for me to develop, deploy and have impact as part of my research.

Full Publication List

Aug 2016

Crowd Sourced Metadata

Crowd-sourced metadata to augment the post-production life cycle for large volumes of video

May 2016

Four Corners

Decentralized meta-data store for narrative presentation, source trust networks and a provenance record

Mar 2016

UHD Object Media

Software re-framing of UHD video for object-media generation driven by ubiquitous sensing

Dec 2015

Citizen Radio

Community radio stations for the developing world based on IVR and low-bandwidth telephony.

Oct 2014


Mobile and web platform that enables fans to work together as a live camera crew to capture event videos.

Oct 2014


A low power custom hardware platform mounted on poster boards to encourage dialogue.

Oct 2014

Panopticon Editor and API

Editing interface and web-service using the Panopticon technique for non-linear editing with metadata overlays.

Jun 2014


Hardware solution for capturing content based meta-data. It records time synced meta-data onto the camera.

Sep 2013


Collaborative situated playback and editing tool to support young actors’ practice during film shoots.

Apr 2013


Supports rapid prototyping of lighting controllers and event technology with mobile and physical computing.

Jul 2012


A collaborative event media production system supporting democratic mobile production.

Jun 2012

Production Prototyping

DMX and MIDI interfaces to prototype production technology using .NET Gadgeteer

May 2012


Collaborative on-location rush editing for film crews to support creative practice and efficient working.

Oct 2011


A collaborative, tangible live video production system designed to support dynamic team reconfiguration.

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