A selection of interaction techniques, technologies and installations that showcase my experience in situated interaction design, technology developement and in-the-wild deployments.

PollBook Interactive

18C voting registry augmented with digital content, notes and facts to match the current page.

React App

Mobile app to play branching narrative video teaching young people about Epinephrine pen use.

My Great North Run

Large interactive museum installation to collect and interact with personal stories.

Surface Lighting

Initial experiment into event lighting control using novel interaction technologies to support collaboration.

iLab Learn Kitchen

Fully augmented working kitchen with sensor pub-sub infrstructure used for teaching languages through cooking.

Art Therapy Easels

Hand solid oak and walnut multi-touch artists easels include a high resolution, super sensitive multi-touch FTIR screen.


Collaborative tangible interface to take on the role of a music producer and control sound.


A social experiment using tracked drinks mats to start conversation around an augmented bar area.

Lindow Man

Interactive multi-touch museum exhibit allowed visitors to explore the death of Lindow Man.

E-Surface Science

Exploration of tangible interfaces for collaborative interaction with large data-sets in E-Science.


An optical fibre based solution for creating thin form-factor optical multi-touch tracking.

Art Therapy Multi-touch

A custom built multi-touch coffee table. Replicates real world properties of finger painting art therapy.

Tangible Poetry

An art installation in which pieces of art are tagged with markers to display related artwork, poems and audio.

Stacking Markers

A tangible marker scheme for tracking multiple stacked objects in various cominations on an optical surface.

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